The Sweet Little Novices Blossom at Novice Champs

By Jay Tserkezie - Captain 2016/17


NEUAL Novice Championships is an annual competition exclusively for archers who are new to the sport. The competitors shoot 60 arrows at a 60cm 10 zone face giving a maximum score of 600. Competitions exclusively for novices are rare so this is one of the more important events in a novice archers’ calendar.

A strong showing from the Lancaster novices resulted in an impressive medal haul. The star of the show was Dmytro Petryshche with a frankly ridiculous score of 518/600. He picked up the individual Gents Recurve Gold and lead the Recurve Team to glory along with teammates Kirk Sparnenn and Emily Hindle. Kirk claimed 3rd place in the Gents Recurve category with a wonderful 502/600 while Emily finished 2nd in the Ladies Recurve category with a tidy 479/600. There was also a bronze for Laura Mockaityte who shot 402/600 in the Ladies Recurve category and a silver for Dave Spruce in the Gents Compound who scored 434/600.

Such strong results bode very well for the future. We can expect some novice records to be smashed this year and success at BUCS is in our sights.

Well done to all Lancaster archers who competed at Novice Champs, you’re all amazing!

A summary of the medal haul is given below:

Gents Recurve:

- Gold – Dmytro Petryshche – 518/600

- Bronze – Kirk Sparnenn – 502/600

Ladies Recurve:

- Silver – Emily Hindle – 479/600

- Bronze – Laura Mockaityte – 402/600

Recurve Team:

- Gold – Dmytro Petryshche, Kirk Sparnenn, Emily Hindle – 1499/1800

Gents Compound:

- Silver – Dave Spruce – 434/600

The full tournament results can be found at