New Member? Information right here!

Hi guys!

So Freshers week is bearing down on us and we're all very excited to see some fresh faces at the club. If you're interested in joining here's some info to help you:


Firstly, our FREE training sessions in Freshers week are on Friday the 2nd of October 7-9pm and Saturday the 3rd 2-4pm both in the Sports Hall of the Sports Centre at the front of campus. These are completely free to attend where you'll be coached by the finest LUAC senior members giving you a perfect chance to try out the sport and see if it's for you (which it is).

If you're still unsure if Archery is for you or you missed the first two sessions, the following Friday, same time, same place, is also available, again absolutely free.

If you then make the choice to join us you will first need to get gym membership, standard for all BUCS clubs. The cheapest is Bronze at £99 which gives you access to the gym and swimming pool during off peak times as well as allowing you to join any one of our BUCS clubs. Details of all the gym plans are available at the sports centre website here, but any of these plans allow you to come to our training sessions.

Once you have your gym membership, you then need to get your LUAC membership for just £30 which gets you access to all of our training sessions, use of club kit, ability to shoot at any range in the country, and allows you to participate in competitions with us, a very good deal indeed! You can pay your membership to the treasurer Elliot at any one of our shoots.

IMPORTANT: you must come along to the session on Saturday the 10th (end of Week 1) with your library card so you can be put onto the sports centre's system, this makes you an official member of LUAC on their system. If you absolutely positively cannot make this session, get in contact with one of our Exec members and we'll do our best to accommodate.


And that's it! Any questions, post up on the LUACFreshers2015 Facebook page, tweet us @LancsUniArchery, email us on or find us at Freshers Fair Part 1 in Nuffield theatre on Thursday!


We look forward to seeing you!

-Alex, the master of the web.