The Red Rose Blooms!

By Jay Tserkezie - Captain 2016/17 


Firstly, let’s start with NEUAL Indoor Championships 2017!

With the whole of the north fighting for a large selection of medals, NEUAL Indoors is one of the most exciting and fun competitions we attend each year.

The day got off to what is becoming a NEUAL Indoors tradition with a silly archer sleeping in! Thankfully this year it wasn’t me! Despite the loss of one of our own, the troops soldiered on and brought home the bling.

Our star recurve archers this competition were Agata Makas and Tom Wilson. Agata took gold in the Novice Female category with a solid 468/600 while Tom sailed to victory in the Senior Male category outshooting 2nd place by 10 points and scoring a fantastic 568/600.

The Senior Team (Tom Wilson, Alex Goldsack, Kirsty Falcus, Jay Tserkezie) cruised on the back of Tom to the win while 3 solid novice scores propelled the Novice Team (Jonathan Hall, Kirk Sparnenn, Agata Makas) to make it gold all round.

Our one and only compound competitor Dave Spruce also made sure the recurves don’t get all the attention by winning the Novice Compound category and finishing 3rd in the big boy Senior Compound category. Dave shot an awesome 536/600 which is a personal best!

And now the NEUAL LEAGUE!

In rather spectacular fashion, both the seniors and novices took the respective league titles for this season and both recorded perfect points scores. I’m not sure if there has ever been a squad scoring a double perfect in the history of the NEUAL League however I’m willing to bet there hasn’t been many! This has been an incredibly strong and consistent performance from the whole of Lancaster this year!

Well done to everyone who shot at NEUAL Indoors and all NEUAL fixtures this year!

An Underdog Rises

By Jay Tserkezie - Captain 2016/17


BUCS Indoors is one of the premier fixtures for a student archer. This year, BUCS has been split into two regional qualifiers followed by a national final later in the term. There is no novice category at the finals so the novice awards are given out at the regional qualifiers.

An announcement of who has qualified for the finals will be made by BUCS once the southern qualifier concludes so we can only speculate at this moment. However, it’s reasonable to assume Lancaster will have a full senior male and female team progressing.

The most notable performance from the seniors was Tom Wilson's excellent 575/600. The interesting news this year comes from the novices where an underdog has awoken. Young Jonathan Hall almost didn't make the cut for this competition. In fact, if BUCS had cut the numbers allowance by just one more place he would have spent last saturday at home. Guess I'm terrible at picking a team as he smashed it at BUCS shooting an impressive 511/600. Lead by Jono, the novice recurve team (Jonathan Hall 511/600, Peng Cheng 507/600, Kirk Sparnenn 480/600) managed an awesome 3rd place finish. Even though this is just the northern qualifier, no Lancaster novice team has ever finished in the medal positions at BUCS Indoors so its an incredible result from the guys.

There was also glory for our padawan compound archer Dave Spruce who collected an individual bronze in the novice compound category with a score of 467/600.

Well done to the new BUCS medal club members and all archers who represented Lancaster so well at the northern qualifier!

The Sweet Little Novices Blossom at Novice Champs

By Jay Tserkezie - Captain 2016/17


NEUAL Novice Championships is an annual competition exclusively for archers who are new to the sport. The competitors shoot 60 arrows at a 60cm 10 zone face giving a maximum score of 600. Competitions exclusively for novices are rare so this is one of the more important events in a novice archers’ calendar.

A strong showing from the Lancaster novices resulted in an impressive medal haul. The star of the show was Dmytro Petryshche with a frankly ridiculous score of 518/600. He picked up the individual Gents Recurve Gold and lead the Recurve Team to glory along with teammates Kirk Sparnenn and Emily Hindle. Kirk claimed 3rd place in the Gents Recurve category with a wonderful 502/600 while Emily finished 2nd in the Ladies Recurve category with a tidy 479/600. There was also a bronze for Laura Mockaityte who shot 402/600 in the Ladies Recurve category and a silver for Dave Spruce in the Gents Compound who scored 434/600.

Such strong results bode very well for the future. We can expect some novice records to be smashed this year and success at BUCS is in our sights.

Well done to all Lancaster archers who competed at Novice Champs, you’re all amazing!

A summary of the medal haul is given below:

Gents Recurve:

- Gold – Dmytro Petryshche – 518/600

- Bronze – Kirk Sparnenn – 502/600

Ladies Recurve:

- Silver – Emily Hindle – 479/600

- Bronze – Laura Mockaityte – 402/600

Recurve Team:

- Gold – Dmytro Petryshche, Kirk Sparnenn, Emily Hindle – 1499/1800

Gents Compound:

- Silver – Dave Spruce – 434/600

The full tournament results can be found at

BUCS Outdoors 2016

By Jay Tserkezie - Captain 2016/17


BUCS Outdoors is the second of the two national BUCS archery fixtures that take place in an academic year. The event consists of a WA1440 round (144 arrows at varying distances which depend on category) on the Saturday, followed by a qualifying plus head to head round on the Sunday. BUCS points are only awarded for performance on the Saturday.

The action kicked off on a cold damp Saturday with regular showers keeping the archers on their toes. When the rain settled it was more BUCS points for Lancaster with the senior ladies recurve team (Laura Hodgkinson, Gemma Ainsworth, Kirsty Falcus) placing 6th and the senior male recurve team (Alex Goldsack, Jay Tserkezie, Dom Belcher) finishing in 7th. The highest individual placing achieved was Naomi Smith with a 9th place finish in the novice lady recurve category.

The Sunday was a considerably wetter affair with archers powering through the rain to shoot the seeding round. The highest seeded Lancaster archers were Alex Goldsack with an impressive 8th in the gents recurve category, and Laura Hodgkinson with a 16th place seed in the lady recurve category. Alex made it the furthest in the head to head event, losing out to 1st seed and eventual winner Tom Hall in the quarter final.

Although we were hoping for a higher placing in the team events, the club has been consistently placing in the top 8 for both genders. With more hard work and training we hope to build on this year’s advances and maybe we will see some medals arrive in the near future!

Well done to everyone who shot at BUCS this year! 

NEUAL Indoors 2016

By Jay Tserkezie

NEUAL Indoors is the last indoor event in the NEUAL archery calendar. It features archers from across the north of England fighting for the illustrious title of NEUAL indoor champions.

The day started rather unfortunately with new captain Jay sleeping in and missing the minibus pickup. Absolute idiot. He did however manage to get a train and find a place in the afternoon session, disaster averted!

There was victory for the recurve team (Yasin Desai, Alex Goldsack, Jay Tserkezie, Tom Wilson) who took home the gold medals with a combined score of 2184/2400. We have now won the recurve team event 2 years in a row!

The notable individual performers of the day were Tom Wilson, Ellie Hayward-Stott, Percy, Naomi Smith and Laura Hodgkinson. Tom managed a fabulous 1st place in the gents compound category with a PB of 575/600 as well as a comfy 3rd place in the gents recurve category. Ellie took the gold in the ladies compound category with a mightily impressive PB of 560/600. Percy took home bronze in the gents compound category with a lovely 558/600. Naomi managed a fantastic 3rd place in the ladies novice recurve category shooting a 444/600. Laura also took home a bronze medal with a solid 532/600 in the ladies recurve category.

With the indoor season coming to a close we can now look forward to Roses and NEUAL outdoors. With the continued hard work in training and progression our archers are showing, Lancaster can expect more success and silverware in the future!

Great job to everyone who shot at NEUAL, let’s keep this success up! 

BUTC 2016

By Jay Tserkezie

The British University Team Championship (BUTC) is an annual national competition with a twist on the conventional archery format. The qualifying is a Bray 1 round (30 arrows shot at a 40cm target face). This then leads into an exciting head to head format where teams are seeded against each other. Between 3 team members the archers shoot 4 ends of 6 arrows at 60mm sized plastic discs. You either hit or you miss!

Lancaster A (Gemma Ainsworth, Alex Goldsack, Tom Wilson) were strong in qualifying posting a combined score of 764/900 which earned them a fantastic 10th place. Lancaster B (Kim Andrews, Yasin Desai, Jay Tserkezie) were close behind with a combined score of 723/900 qualifying in 18th place.

The teams then proceeded to the head to head round where the B team were unfortunately knocked out in the round of 32 by Warwick B who shot an impressive 5/6 discs on their last end to win the match 9-8. The A team faired better beating NEUAL rivals Liverpool’s B team in their round of 32 match. They progressed on to face London A and were unfortunately knocked out in a tense match that finished 10-9 to the southerners. The quote of the day arrived during this match with a London archer asking a fully drawn Alex “Who uses stealth shots in 2016?” Alex replied by shooting 4 hits in his next 4 shots leaving the poor respectful gentleman humiliated.

Although the Lancaster teams did not progress as well as hoped, all of the archers can be happy with the experience and enjoyment gained from this format of competition.

Congratulations to back to back winners Warwick, we hope to be challenging you soon! 

Lancaster on target at BUCS 2016

Written by Jay Tzerkezie

BUCS Indoor Championships, hosted in Telford, is the premier indoor student archery tournament. This one day tournament features universities from across the whole of the UK competing for glory and prestigious BUCS points. The round shot is a Portsmouth round (60 arrows at a 60cm face, max score of 600).

 Lancaster archers have been training hard with new coach and ex-Olympian Vlada Priestman. Her guidance has certainly made a difference with the club posting a strong performance in this year’s tournament.

The most notable achievement was an impressive 4th place finish for the gents senior recurve team (Tom Wilson, Jay Tserkezie, Tom Bott). With a combined team score of 1688/1800, the gents were only 6 points off of 3rd place Birmingham which is a huge improvement from last year’s 16th place finish. Tom Wilson in particular can be very proud of his performance finishing 6th in the individual senior gents recurve category with a score of 571/600, only two points from 4th place and more illustrious BUCS points.

The female senior recurve team (Laura Hodgkinson, Gemma Ainsworth, Kirsty Falcus) posted a strong 8th place finish. Laura managed a fantastic 9th place in the individual senior female recurve category shooting a superb competition PB of 551/600.

The novice team gained some valuable experience from this tournament, and although a top 10 finish was elusive, they can be very happy with their performance at their first national competition.

Well done to all archers who represented Lancaster at BUCS, you should all be proud of your performance.

The club has already gained more than double last year’s total BUCS points after only one of the two annual BUCS events. Looking ahead to BUCS Outdoor Championships in June, with the continued hard work from our archers and the help of Vlada, we can definitely push for a medal and another haul of BUCS points.  

New Member? Information right here!

Hi guys!

So Freshers week is bearing down on us and we're all very excited to see some fresh faces at the club. If you're interested in joining here's some info to help you:


Firstly, our FREE training sessions in Freshers week are on Friday the 2nd of October 7-9pm and Saturday the 3rd 2-4pm both in the Sports Hall of the Sports Centre at the front of campus. These are completely free to attend where you'll be coached by the finest LUAC senior members giving you a perfect chance to try out the sport and see if it's for you (which it is).

If you're still unsure if Archery is for you or you missed the first two sessions, the following Friday, same time, same place, is also available, again absolutely free.

If you then make the choice to join us you will first need to get gym membership, standard for all BUCS clubs. The cheapest is Bronze at £99 which gives you access to the gym and swimming pool during off peak times as well as allowing you to join any one of our BUCS clubs. Details of all the gym plans are available at the sports centre website here, but any of these plans allow you to come to our training sessions.

Once you have your gym membership, you then need to get your LUAC membership for just £30 which gets you access to all of our training sessions, use of club kit, ability to shoot at any range in the country, and allows you to participate in competitions with us, a very good deal indeed! You can pay your membership to the treasurer Elliot at any one of our shoots.

IMPORTANT: you must come along to the session on Saturday the 10th (end of Week 1) with your library card so you can be put onto the sports centre's system, this makes you an official member of LUAC on their system. If you absolutely positively cannot make this session, get in contact with one of our Exec members and we'll do our best to accommodate.


And that's it! Any questions, post up on the LUACFreshers2015 Facebook page, tweet us @LancsUniArchery, email us on or find us at Freshers Fair Part 1 in Nuffield theatre on Thursday!


We look forward to seeing you!

-Alex, the master of the web.

BUCS Outdoors 2015 Match Report

Tom Bott - LUAC Captain

Saturday – 13th June

Archers awoke early on the Saturday, to the same torrential rain they had fallen asleep to late on Friday night. The patter and dripping sounds were to be the soundtrack to the entire day; the rain managed to maintain it onslaught well into the late afternoon and early evening. The only comprise the weather made was the wind with it remaining strangely calm. Eleven archers took to the field to compete: the team’s numbers limited due to the over-subscription of the event, forcing the squad to drop ten archers before the event even started. The archers pulled themselves together, mentally and physically, to complete a gruelling near twelve hour day in the terrible conditions. The round on Saturday was a WA1440. This consists of 144 arrows over four distances, these differ depending upon experience and gender.

The novice archers handled the conditions well. The novice team, consisting of Jay Tserkezie, Dom Belcher and Yasin Desai, managed to place an excellent fourth despite some tiredness and morale issues as the final distance began. Jay managing to place third as an individual: the first BUCS medal won by LUAC in several years. Jack Keates and Emma Hay also took part in the novice event. Jack sadly had to retire early into the third distance, with a shoulder injury. Emma managed to complete the round with a good score, an impressive feat for someone who only starting shooting at Easter.

With the seniors the teams are split by gender. The female team managed a superb fifth, with Laura Hodgkinson, Kirsty Falcus and Gemma Ainsworth producing the scores that made up the aggregate. Also shooting for Lancaster was Kate Stormwed, who shot very well despite the difficult conditions. With some more training and experience, this group of four could easily move into the top three teams; no doubt the shooting over the weekend will help them on this road.

LUAC chose not to enter a senior male team and instead used the final places available to enter two compound archers. Tom Wilson and Ellie Hayward-Stott shot in the senior compound sections. Both shot well and dealt with the weather well. The experience will help them in future competitions.

Overall, despite the dismal weather the day produced some excellent results proving that LUAC has great promise in the next couple of years. With a new coach, a good team ethos and talented archers LUAC may become the dark horse of next year’s BUCS.

Sunday – 14th June

The event on Sunday is not part of the BUCS calendar so no points are available to be won. That said it is organised by BUCS and only open to students. The round was identical for most archers: a WA720 which involves 72 arrows at 70m. This seeds the archers for the afternoon event which a head to head round, again at 70m.

The weather was greatly improved by the Sunday, producing almost perfect conditions. The rain had eased and at points archers were treated to bright sunshine. Again the wind was calm. In all the day was an excellent opportunity to produce new personal bests. LUAC had fifteen archers on the field competing. Most of them tired from the day before and the late night which arose after the group minibus got locked in carpark which proclaimed it was open 24hrs a day but wasn’t.

The initial WA720 round went without much drama. Matt McCormack came eighth in the gents recurve section and Laura Hodgkinson placing eleventh in the female recurve section. The head to head produced an interesting match with Gemma Ainsworth and Kirsty Falcus drawn against each other; Kirsty winning the match, after a close battle leaving the final score 6-2. Kirsty was then knocked out in her next match 2-6. Laura managed to make it to round three before being knocked out 2:6, this left her joint ninth.  Matt McCormack made it into the fourth round before being knocked out in straight sets leaving him joint ninth. One compound archer took to the field, Matt Blair (who shot a WA720 at 50m). Matt was knocked out in the first round losing by only six points (130-136).

In all the event was enjoyed by all who took part. It provided an excellent opportunity for the archers to gain experience and grow in confidence. Hopefully the lessons learnt will be shown in next year’s results LUAC will return with some quiver bling.


New LUAC Website is live!

The Lancaster University Archery Club now has a brand new fancy website! This is your one stop for any news and updates regarding the club, whether it be about upcoming competitions, results from our weekly league, or if you're new and interested in what we have to offer. Take a look around and enjoy! It is still under some construction, so any problems let me (Alex, the webmaster) know, and expect to see more in the coming months.