LUAC League

The LUAC League is a weekly league where archers at the club can compete with each other, track their scores, and see how they are progressing. It's all a bit of fun, but is perfect for getting into the competitive spirit, while giving you a clear indication of how you are coming along.


How to take part:

There are three leagues, the Senior, Novice and Combined leagues, all shot indoors at 20yds.

Both leagues will use a 12 arrow format where you shoot 12 consecutive arrows on a Portsmouth face.

With each league, score each of your arrows, with someone to double check your arrow values, and write down your final score on the whiteboard in the silver cage along with how many Golds you got (arrow values of 10) and who second scored you. You can shoot your league score at any one of the training sessions as long as the arrows are consecutive, so no ignoring 'that one bad end'!





2015-2016: League not ran