The Exec

The current executive members for LUAC for the 2015-16 academic year are:

Gemma Ainsworth - President


Hi! I’m Gemma and someone decided it was a good idea to put me in charge this time around. I guess after two years managing money, I'd give managing people a go! Basically, I just oversee what everyone else is doing and delegate to make sure that everyone does their job on time, and keep things running relatively smoothly. I started shooting when I joined the club two years ago, and got really involved with both the social side of the sport and with the actual shooting itself. I’ve loved every minute of it, from competing for Lancaster in BUTC to camping out in the middle of nowhere on my birthday (this year is the second time I'll be doing it), and I hope you will too! If you want to chat, chill or get me to do some exec stuff for you, look for the short girl with the best blue bow!


Portsmouth PB: 550
WA1440 Ladies PB: 914


Ellie Hayward-Stott - Safety and Equipment Officer


Hi folks, my name’s Ellie and I’m one of the Safety and Equipment Officers this year. As the title suggests, I’m responsible for all things equipment, and to ensure that the club is run in a vaguely safe manner. Though I’ve only been shooting for a couple of years, I can honestly say that archery is one of the most worthwhile things I’ve taken up in a long time, and I’d recommend the sport to anyone. So if you ever need any help or advice about kit, shooting, life, or lobsters, feel free to come and have a chat - I’ll be sat in the corner in my fortress of broken arrows, hopes, and dreams.


Recurve Portsmouth PB: 527

Compound Portsmouth PB: 544

Compound WA1440 Ladies PB: 1167


Novice: 1st Place Female Novice Recurve (NEUAL Outdoors), 1st Place Novice Team (NEUAL Outdoors), 3rd Place Open Female Novice Recurve (NEUAL Outdoors)

Senior: 1st Place Female Senior Compound (NEUAL Outdoors), 2nd Place Female Senior Compound (NEUAL Indoors)

Kirsty Falcus - Safety and Equipment Officer


Hi, my name is Kirsty and I’m one of the Safety and Equipment Officers. I’ve been shooting recurve for almost two years now and compete for the club in NEUAL and BUCS competitions where  may I won some stuff. My job is to fix equipment and make sure it is in working order for everyone to use as well as making sure everyone is being safe. If you have any questions about equipment, tuning or anything else for that matter I am happy to answer them. 


Portsmouth PB: 542

WA1440 Ladies PB: 1013

Tom Bott - Captain

Hi, I’m Tom B. or GT or Jenson NG or sometimes just the grumpy guy in the corner with a pretty silver bow with matt black limbs and I’m the captain. I’ve been doing this archery thing for a while, I started out when I was 8 or 9 and apart from a short break in the middle, I’ve been shooting since then. Can’t remember why I started but it’s been a pretty sound life choice as archery is amazing; even after doing 9hrs in torrential rain and high winds it’s still pretty awesome, if slightly damp. With my decade of faffing and an amazing home club I’ve picked up a few things along the way; so if you ever need help feel free to ask for it, hopefully, I’ll have something more than a blank look, you never know, I might even have a screwdriver. This year, I’m getting used to new equipment and getting my fitness up while, with any luck, winning something (I’ve not got a medal since I was significantly shorter). Along with my self-obsessing: I’m trying to build a great team(s) which will bag a tonne of quiver bling, while, at the same time, giving all those not on the ‘regular’ squad plenty of chance to get to shoot in other open competitions and get the experience and skill to fill the NEUAL/BUCS teams of the future.  


Portsmouth PB: 540, (with a miss)

Bray I PB: 264

WA1440 PB: 996

Matthew Blair - Training and Development


Hiya, I’m Matthew Blair but the club has renamed me Percy (too many Matts). I’ve been shooting for around 9 years now and I’m a level 1 coach. I will oversee the training of everyone in the club from novice to senior. I currently shoot a compound bow but have had a few years shooting recurve. If you have any questions or need help come and find me at a shoot.


Compound Portsmouth PB: 564

Compound WA1140 PB: 1127

Jack Keates - Secretary

Good day! My name is Jack, and I will be your resident secretary for the year. I study computer science, do archery, fencing, and
a couple of other society things in my spare time. I started archery when I joined this club (October 2014) and did some winning
of things during my novice year. My role as secretary is to document the minutes of the exec. meetings, collect the club's post, and help out the other exec. members with various tasks. Apart from fulfilling the role of secretary, I serve as the club's 
un-official gentleman and part-time rogue. If you would to like ask my any questions on starting out as a novice, joining in competitions, or anything related to that, feel free to send your questions my way (since I was a novice last year, I might remember what it was like!). One last thing, don't touch my kidney!

Portsmouth PB: 517 

WA1440 PB: 762


Hi guys! My name is Elliott and I am a second year Finance student and this year, I’ll be the treasurer for the LUAC. My job is to write the cheques for purchases the club makes and to collect money from members for competitions etc. I joined Archery this year as a novice and I’m one of the few club members who shoot a compound bow. I’ve enjoyed going to many competitions with the club, along with the break from uni work that training and socials provide.


Portsmouth PB: 507

Alex Goldsack - Webmaster

IMG_0819 cropped.jpg

Fancy seeing you here. I'm your wonderful webmaster, Alex. Besides maintaining the wonderful website upon which you find yourself currently - as well as the social media - I'm in charge of the weekly league, sorting out the club uniform (which I designed </ownhorntooting>), working with the....interesting Jam Jones to publicise the club, as well as helping the club out in any odd way I can. This is my second year as webmaster, a role I loved last year, and one which I have plenty planned for this year. As for archery, I absolutely love it. I started when I came to university a couple years ago after years of wanting to try it, and I sure haven't looked back, with it now being one of my main passions in life. You'll find me at pretty much every shoot, I'm the other tall one (the bearded one, not the afro one) with the rather expensive but beautiful bow. Any problems/ideas with the website or anything within my responsibilities for that matter, let me know! Otherwise, don't talk to me, I bite.


Portsmouth PB: 547

Bray I PB: 270

WA1440 PB: 903

Highest overall score @ Roses 2015, NEUAL Indoors, Outdoors and League senior team gold medals.



Yo, I'm Sam/Jam and everyone says I don't shoot, but really I just say "lad" a lot. I'm tall and have curly hair and like it when you drink with me. Lads.


Portsmouth PB: Some

WA1440 PB: That's like a WA2000 but smaller right?

Club Records


Senior team

BUCS Indoors - 3rd (1995) Team: ???

BUTC - 3rd (2009) Team: Matt McCormack, John Lane, Michael Bass

BUCS Outdoors - 6th (2008) Team: John Lane, Matt Wilkinson, Matt McCormack, Amy Hall

BUCS Indoors Male - 16th (2015) Team: Tom Wilson, Kim Andrews, Alex Goldsack

BUCS Indoors Female - 13th (2015) Team: Laura Hodgkinson, Gemma Ainsworth, Kirsty Falcus

BUCS Outdoors Female - 5th (2015) Team: Laura Hodgkinson, Kirsty Falcus, Gemma Ainsworth


NEUAL Indoors Champions: 2009, 2010, 2011, 2015

NEUAL Outdoors Champions: 2008, 2012, 2014, 2015

Roses Champions: ..., 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2015


Novice Team

BUCS Indoors - 7th (2002) Team: S Wain, D Thompson, R Pudney

BUCS Outdoors - 3rd (2008) Team: Michael Bass, Michael Lindsay, Tom Wright

NEUAL Novice Champs - 2nd (2010) Team: Dave McNeil, Tanawan Wee, Jamie Graney


NEUAL Indoors Champions: 2011, 2015

NEUAL Outdoors Champions: 2013, 2014, 2015



(Competition Scores Only)



Senior Male: John Low - 576 (BUSA Indoors, 1992)

Senior Female: Gemma Ainsworth - 559 (NCAS, 2015)

Novice Male: Ben Tucker - 529 (NEUAL Indoor Champs, 2004)

Novice Female: Alice Rees - 506 (NEUAL Indoor Champs, 2009)



Senior Male: Michael Bass - 579 (BUCS Indoors, 2011)

Senior Female: Ellie Haward-Stott - 507 (NEUAL Indoor Champs, 2015) 

Novice Male: Dave Clegg - 531 (NEUAL Match 6, 2006)



Senior Male: Michael Bass - 489 (NEUAL Indoor Champs, 2009)

Senior Female: Gemma Ainsworth - 327 (NEUAL Indoor Champs, 2015)

Novice Male: Sebastian Marshall - 446 (NEUAL Match 4, 2007)

Novice Female: Rachel Higson - 249 (NEUAL Match 3, 2014)



Senior Male: Matt Evans - 370 (NEUAL Match 3, 2010)

Senior Female: Emma Broxholme - 353 (BUCS Indoors, 2009)

Novice Male: Morgan Saunders - 196 (NEUAL Indoors, 2015)



Senior Male: Matt McCormack - 276 (BUTC, 2009)

Senior Female: Laura Hodgkinson - 247 (BUTC, 2015)

Novice Male: Matt Wilkinson - 244 (BUTC, 2006)

Novice Female: Amy Hall - 230 (BUTC, 2006)




Senior Male: Tom Wilson - 536 (Penrith WA18, 2015)

Senior Female: Gemma Ainsworth  - 461 (Penrith WA18, 2014)





Senior Male: Matt McCormack - 1128 (NEUAL Outdoor Champs, 2015)

Senior Female: Laura Hodgkinson - 1058 (BUCS Outdoors, 2015)

Novice Male (Metric I): Jay Tserkezie - 1035 (BUCS Outdoors, 2015)

Novice Male (WA1440)Dom Belcher - 725 (Penrith Open FITA, 2015)

Novice Female (Metric II): Kirsty Dunnett - 1070 (BUCS Outdoors, 2009)



Senior Male: Tom Wilson - 1293 (BUCS Outdoors, 2015)

Senior Female: Eleanor Hayward-Stott - 1167 (NEUAL Outdoors Champs, 2015)



Senior Male: Sebastian Marshall - 762 (BUCS Outdoors, 2010)

Novice Male (Metric I): Ben Lopacki - 684 (BUCS Outdoors, 2014)

Novice Male (WA1440)Michael Melling - 274 (Penrith Open FITA, 2015)

Novice Female (Metric II): Ann-Kathrin Marchlewski - 411 (BUCS Outdoors, 2008)



Senior Male: Matt Evans - 272 (NEUAL Outdoors Champs, 2012)

Senior Female: Emma Broxholme - 273 (BUCS Outdoors, 2008)

Novice Male: Matt Evans - 267 (BUCS Outdoors, 2010)





Senior Male: Matt McCormack - 590 (BUCS Outdoors, 2015)

Senior Female: Laura Hodgkinson - 493 (BUCS Outdoors, 2015)

Novice Male: Jay Tserkezie - 488 (BUCS Outdoors, 2015)

Novice Female: Kirsty Falcus - 323 (BUCS Outdoors, 2014)



Senior Male: Matt Blair - 590 (BUCS Outdoors, 2015)



Novice Male: Ben Lopacki - 363 (BUCS Outdoors, 2014)

Constitution and Club Rules


Club Rules

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